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Trader Official Club

Welcome to the Trader Official Club page. You will find here Applications, Punishment Appeals, News Announcements, and general discussion. Please adhere to all official Minehut rules while using this service; you can find the Minehut rules here.


Here are some of our ground rules while using this club.

1. Please respect everyone including yourself, others, and staff members.

2. Kindness is expected from you while being in and using this club. 

3. No inappropriate content on any of the pages within this club. 

Our Commitment

We vow to keep the Trader Official Club updated with all the current information about the server, discord, and store. We will work our hardest to moderate within reason the discussion pages within this club. The Applications page is where you can apply for various positions in our Staff Team and you can also apply for YouTube. Our Staff Team applications include Moderation, Quality Assurance, and Game Design. We want to be as inclusive to all of our members wishing to apply so if you are not able to post your application on our club page, we will provide an alternative to better fit your needs. Discord is a must-have in order to apply for the staff team and to become a youtuber.


Stay Connect With Us

Make sure to join our discord here.

Make sure to join our server when it's open at Trader.minehut.gg.

Trader © 2020 



We would like to thank the PlexPVP team for inspiring our Club Homepage format and build style.

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