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MHGames is a MineHut network with a couple of minigames to choose from, reaching from PvP to drawing and creative. Join our club and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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  2. There are multiple reasons for this decision. I hope everyone had a great time playing, see you around!
  3. I have requested the plugins I need to be updated, and I hope it will be done sometime soon. Until then, MCPark will not be functional.
  4. The way Virus works has been changed. Instead of a random location to start spreading, the "virus" now comes up from the ground and kills anything in it's path. Another change is that any damage kicks you out of the game. Even fall-damage. Have fun playing!
  5. Yes, EendjeBernard is helper on Boxxe. He is also the co-founder of MHGames. That's why Don't ask questions, I've known him for a long time and I know I can trust him. If you do have any complaints against him, contact me on Discord: MrTibo#2374
  6. Boxxe has been reset. Why? I found out a big flaw in the economy where players could just take a diamond block, give it protection I and call it Triple Compressed Diamond, but that's just an example. In the previous announcement you can see that I am not hiring staff from the OG Boxxe. I first did but they did drop parties with valuable goods and some players got rich because of this. Anyway, the economy is now fixed and everyone can go back to playing!
  7. As some of you might know, Boxxe got removed by its owner. The original owner currently has a new server in the making called BoxxeGamez but I don't know much about that. Anyway, MHGames claimed the Boxxe name and remade it. It's different compared to the original because we don't know 100% how everything was set-up. Former staff on the original Boxxe server will NOT get staff in our version. This is to prevent griefing or other abuse. Staff is only hired by me if I think said person deserves staff. My inventory is gone? Yes, this is pretty obvious why. I claimed the name Bo
  8. I forgot to mention, the plots server went back to normal WorldEdit. The reasoning behind this is that FAWE isn't made for 1.15.1 yet. We will switch back to FAWE as soon as MineHut updates the plugin!
  9. The server now uses FAWE instead of normal WorldEdit. There is no more limit to edits as long as no one abuses this. If there are missing permissions, comment on this post!
  10. Show your creativity on 100x100 plots! It is now open and ready for use!
  11. The surroundings at the time of posting are bedrock, we will make everything look nicer in the future, but you can make your art! The canvas will never be cleared completely, it is only possible that we delete drawings if we think they are inappropriate. The cooldown per pixel is 1 second after gaining feedback from a couple of players, in the future, we will sell a rank that can override the cooldown completely!
  12. It is not the finished product, but it works! You can play the game Join at MHGVirus.minehut.gg

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