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Win Games = Win Prizes. That's all you do. Come and join us!

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  2. User: Joshua_Jeremy I have no video because it was too late when I was notified but I have an image of all the damage he did, no one was in the server only him and my brother.
  3. read the announcements before making a post next time
  4. He's said no mexicans, no muslims, no trans people, and more. No
  5. Locked and kicked. This isn't the official club, so don't report players here. Judging by your 1 post, it seems that you didn't read anything else too. Well done, get kicked.
  6. Name : Oiskux Proof: https://gyazo.com/551c8c74f3064c5dc6f6e8a592762b97 No spam in the chat
  7. Locked and kicked. This is not official, and you would have known this if you read the announcements (showing evidence you didn't really care).
  8. Player: NotLava Offense: Cheating in a public competetion by following a tutorial, hiring a person and spamming another person's msg with annoying text because the person getting spammed exposed him of cheating by using a build tutorial. Evidence: Lava complaining about exposed: https://prnt.sc/u3vnd2 Lava hiring people to spam the person exposed him: https://prnt.sc/u3vnob Lava admitting to cheating with youtube build tutorials https://prnt.sc/u3vof7 Server log proof: https://pastebin.com/r2vunhwM <--- Read this from line 16 to 31.
  9. Wrong place to report. Please report to the official Minehut reports section. I'm not even going to look at the footage as it's not the correct category, so the topic will be locked, and you will be kicked out of the group shortly. Clubs that have places to report players are not for actual Minehut.
  10. He just got op, and his first idea was to spam, grief, and ip grab. Badlion Minecraft Client v2.16.2-877fa01-PRODUCTION (1.16.1) - Multiplayer (3rd-party Server) 2020-08-15 19-04-59.mp4
  11. thanks for making my life easier this isn't official ty bye
  12. If you are trying to report a player for breaking minehut's rules, read this post
  13. I'm sorry, I just made this account and accidantaly made my username the name of the person I want to report. Player Name: Jonge1, Yzx Were They Using Hacks? If So, What? No. Any Proof? He and His friend also set my whole world on fire (I worked all day on it and I didn't know about people being able to join my world or whitelists... Did They Spam / Say Mean Things In Chat? No I understand you can't punish them for setting my world on fire and then leaving, but I think having a Hitler skin is anti-semitistic and sh
  14. Wrong place to report. This isn't an official place to report and shouldn't even be used right now. Locked.
  15. Wrong place to report. This isn't an official place to report and shouldn't even be used right now. Locked.
  16. Wrong place to report. This isn't an official place to report and shouldn't even be used right now. Locked.
  17. This is a considerable offense, I hate to be a stickler, but Rule 14 of the Global Rules of minehut states directly: Do not make any sort of threats against Minehut or any other users. This is clearly represented by the screenshot. However, this is not an official minehut server, therefore, the report should go directly to the minehut forums report page.
  18. Player Name: mauryzio_ Were They Using Hacks? If So, What? they weren't hacking Any Proof? Did They Spam / Say Mean Things In Chat? he/she spammed and threaten he/she will permaban on the lobby
  19. Member 0 14 posts Report post Posted June 26th 2020 Player Name:BillOfTheForce Were They Using Hacks: Yes, they used Super nuke Kill aura. Any Proof? No bc I dont have a web cam and i didnt know how to take screen shots 1month ago . Did They Spam / Say Mean Things In Chat? Yes They were saying stuff like fuck u wimfish and u suck
  20. xxjesus_christ was banned on boxdupe.minehut.gg and now is using a lot of alt to spam and try to get him unbanned. please help. he is so annoying
  21. Post Locked Before making an appeal, please read the post that tells you that this is not an official minehut club so don't report anyone that isn't part of the event. Clear evidence in your own image suggests that you were in the lobby, so I'm not helping with this case.
  22. Player Name: SassyAgro Were They Using Hacks? If So, What? No, they where not using any kind of hacks (I think). Any Proof? Yes, see this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/tme2aa. Did They Spam / Say Mean Things In Chat? No.
  23. We hit 50 members! And, because of that, I'll actually host an event! The event will include TNT Run, Battle Royale and Bingo Hunt. I'll release a Discord server tomorrow to get hyped and to get notified when it starts!

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