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  2. All About Reporting Reporting a Player Chat If you are using forums to be reporting a player, please be considerate of where you are making the report. If you are reporting a player breaking a chat offense in the lobbies, games or in private messages, you will need to provide an uncropped, unedited screenshot of the offense. please make sure you provide sufficient evidence to support the report such as the logs (/dl logs) or a video. Hacking When a player is hacking, We highly recommend you to take screenshots of the hacker and also including chat in the screenshot (Showing chat will grow chances of catching the hacker). Abusing Bugs When we release games or update them, There are also to be bugs in there. Abusing bugs are highly game breaking/changing. If a player or you finds a bug such as like, Your inventory not being cleared after a game has finished, Not being teleported back to the game lobby or finding a item that could resolve to be used as cheating! That player or you would be banned (temporarily) from the server. If you see a player abusing Bugs that are "game breaking or changing" and they will not stop playing with the bugs we highly encough you to report the player here and report the bug here. Q&A Q: How long does it take to deal with bugs? A: It takes around 3 weeks to deal with the bugs depending on what runs the game (Such as command blocks, Skript or plugins) and how popular and how much it's being played. We are always busy here on the server trying to deal and fix with many other things.. We would highly appreciate it if you could please wait. If your wait has gone over maximum of long it would take for us to deal with your problem, you can do another report or contact a staff member. Q: I have caught a player who has/is breaking rules.. Why isn't he/she banned!? A: When it come's to finding if a player is guilty or not, It is very hard to find out if the player is really breaking rules when your evidence wasn't strong enough to prove he/she was breaking one of our rules. HOWEVER if many other players are reporting that player we will then be confidant that player is breaking rules (Important) We will be adding/changing/removing things around here every once in a while. We highly suggest that you come back once in a while to see what has changed!
  3. Here at minehut19 we want the best experience for all players on the server... We only ask if for you to not break any rules. ******Why was I punished?****** If you were punished, either muted or banned, it is because you broke one of our server rules. We have a variety of different server rules, and because of this your punishment can vary depending on what rule you broke. You can find information regarding your punishment in the posts located below. ******MUTES****** Media Advertising - This means you were sharing information about your personal social media, advertising another Minecraft network, asking for players to personally tip you in-game, or sharing any other player's social media. Repeatedly posting unnecessary messages or content - This means you were unnecessarily repeating the same content within a short period of time, which includes, but is not limited to, posting random characters in the chat with no meaning, repetitively asking players to tip all and advertising guilds/parties. Publicly revealing information about a player - This means you were purposely revealing information about another user on the network with the intent to harm them or cause public harassment. Misleading other players to carry out actions that disrupt their game - This means you were misleading players to perform actions or use commands that will affect the outcome of their game. Being Rude or Inappropriate / Excessive Swearing - This means you were being confrontational or disrespectful beyond an acceptable level on the network. This includes bypassing the chat filter to harass other players, swearing and aggressive comments. Discussing or actively promoting cheating or breaking rules on the server - This means you were promoting the use of breaking the network guidelines or exploiting in a current game mode (including Minecraft exploits) for the benefit of your personal statistics. Using inappropriate concepts in public chat on the server - This means you were discussing concepts which are not appropriate within the Server. This includes, but is not limited, to chat involving inappropriate role-play, drugs, sexual topics, and any form of violence. Discrimination of a player or group of people - This means you were targeting a certain group of people due to race, color, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, or disability conditions. Acting in a manner that is disrespectful to members within the community - This means you were threatening to physically or mentally harm another player on the network. This includes, but is not limited, to instructing players to perform actions that will affect their health or using extreme sexual remarks. Discussing important people or world events in a negative way - This means you were bringing up people or worldly events that have a negative impact on humanity or society. These types of comments are not appropriate on the server. ******BANS****** Creating or using an item that has an inappropriate name - This means you made an item or renamed a kit item within a game mode with an inappropriate reference towards either sexual or negative matters. This includes housing names or signs, guild information (such as guild tags) and cosmetic items. Using pets or cosmetics in an inappropriate way - This means you were using cosmetic items to swear, be rude, create names that may be sexual, violent, or have negative references to people or world events that are not acceptable. Misleading others to believe you are a youtuber or staff member - This means you were found to be falsely impersonating staff members from the network. This includes, but is not limited to, stating you are a staff member/YouTuber on an alternate account, pretending to punish players, or misleading the public with false information. Discussing or acting in a manner which encourages cheating or rule breaking - This means you were informing players to either download or promote the use of unfair advantages to purposely break the network’s rules. This includes, but is not limited to, the promotion of alternate accounts or rule breaking streams and videos. Attempting to obtain information or something of value from players - This means you were attempting to gain access to another user’s account or otherwise obtain something from the user by illegitimate means. This includes asking for currency on any external site. Acting in a manner that is extremely disrespectful to members within the community - This means you were revealing or releasing personal information about players on the network. This includes, but is not limited to, targeted harassment at either players or groups of people, or linking harmful URLs to obtain personal data. Using inappropriate skins or capes on the server - This means you were wearing an inappropriate skin/cape which either has inappropriate content or images, usage of inappropriate language(s), or a sexual nature towards world events. Talking or sharing inappropriate content with explicit themes on the server - This means you were discussing content or actions displaying adult themes which are not appropriate on the Hypixel Network. This includes, but is not limited, to streams, videos, or links of inappropriate adult content. Cheating through the use of unfair game advantages - This means you were using modifications of your client which give you an in-game advantage over players on the network. ******How to Appeal****** If you believe you were falsely muted and or banned, then you can create a punishment appeal. Please read the below information BEFORE creating a punishment appeal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These appeals are only meant to be created for the above reason. If you are guilty you will be denied, no exceptions. If you are to appeal your punishment, it is best to do so in a timely manner. If you have been banned or muted for too long, your appeal will most likely be denied. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARNING: Please read the above information page before completing a punishment appeal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To create an appeal, you will first need to go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrrDNNgQ6yQ6Jn1x1Di4dFUrzcxzkh4vKq48_96ypKTIIXwQ/viewform ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. While we understand that certain things can annoy you or ruin your gameplay experience, it's best when providing Suggestions and Feedback that you keep your posts in a cool, calm, and collected manner. If your post is driven by anger, contains curse words, attacks users/staff, blames users, or you feel the need to put [RANT] or [RAGE] in the title - then it's probably best you hold off for a bit and edit it later on before posting. Our ability to know what users want is dependent upon this section, angry or distracted posts help nobody and will commonly end up in either a flame war or locked. On our server [Hosted by minehut - https://minehut.com] we always try our best to keep things working when new versions come to minehut or when our games seem to not work, So please make everyone's lives easier, don't rage and post. Thanks!

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