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Welcome, this is an old club that has been revamped. We are making a datapack (In early development) that will automatically, in a non-by passably way, permanent ban certan

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  2. So this L_____ guy just joined and decided to blow up all our progress. When I confronted him by trying to kill him he started flying without creative mode, since he doesn't have operator on the server. Would be nice for this griefer and hacker to never do the same again.
  3. He was just flying around at super speed on WWWings, but in a way that is clearly fly hacks. He said in chat "thi is a glitch". I'm VERY sure that he was in fact using fly hacks. This screen recording should be plenty of proof. Hacker.mp4
  4. this happend to me today i dont know who it was but i came on and it was all gone
  5. Lantibus came in, and I asked "Who are you?" and I asked "Are you a friend of ___?" and they said "Yes" then I showed him my place and he left eventually. But then, dad44 came in and showed the way to my place, at the end, he just said "Go now I'm going to steal all your stuff." then he left. Then I turned the server off, then got on a few minutes later and a guy named DuckiXD joined for one second and then left.
  6. flxdr19 somehow got into me and my friends' minecraft server and started torching our base, hacking by flying, and just overall destroying most of all of the hard work me and my friends did
  7. i need skripts for my kitpvp server so please put them here u can put any skript u want
  8. bootyleg_exe flew at the speed of light without permission to even fly. Exploded our houses and whole town.
  9. got crits everytime without jumping has 8 block reach has speed hacks no speed potion had fly hacks
  10. Why did you put this on the forums this is for WWWings, I already reported him on the WWWings discord
  11. The guys name was FederFire777. he started flying using aura speed 50 cps blatantly but file is to big to send but Lynxdeer is sending a video aswell
  12. Why would you give a random user op after trying to ban them. Also this isn't the correct place to report people from Minehut. If they broke any of the Minehut rules, you can report them here - https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/1-player-reports/ Rules - https://forums.minehut.com/rules/ This is just a forums club for a server and their report section.
  13. So this guy named cooscooskitzot joined my game and said give me op or else i will ruin this server, I tried banning him and he didnt get banned, so i gave him OP, he unopped me but I shut down the server and made it private. I got his name from the banlist and this happend about 10 minutes ago. Oh yeah he also stated that he "hacked" into the server when he could've easily joined it (because it was public)
  14. Oh that seems cool. But before adding users to the ban list, you should make the player reporting the user give some sort of proof. Cause anyone can just say a random person's name and get them added.
  15. I'm using here because MH hackers are the worst I have seen in public minecraft, and are the hardest to get rid of. BTW added to the ban list
  16. Were working on a Datapack that perma-bans all the players reported here. This is the base for a growing extention that is in an early development phase.
  17. The correct place to report users from Minehut is here. https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/5-player-appeals/ This is just an appeals section for this club's forums. Also you would need sufficient evidence of this person griefing for any action to be taken on them.
  18. The username is gypsyjazz. HUNT HIM DOWN!!!! My server got completely thrashed he kept banning me
  19. givinghickory18 randomly logged on to my friends server in creative and began destroying everything with a hack to increase the amount of blocks he destroys per click, this is an image of what he caused Message #genera
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    • So, I have been trying to create a script for a mini-game, which requires a changing world border. My issue is, I can't find a way to set the world border in my mini-game world using skript. Anytime I try making it execute the default border command, it sets it in my server's main world (world). Is it even possible to do this? If so, please help me out!

    • HI im Zack i am a nice dev and very calm and chill i dont ban or kick without a good reason my own server (which need players and staff look at my other posts) Its called Godcraft234 im hoping i can get enough credits to make it online 24/7 but anyway im good at commands i know a little abt building but i am a chill person i am a fast truster so if u r very nice or cool at anything i trust u i might even make u co owner u never know lol. And my server is still in development so if u have any suggestions pls feel free to tell me when im online which is on school days 4:00pm to 7:30pm and on weekends i always check on my server to make sure theres no abusing staff but as i said im looking for staff and co owner and a builder and a mod and admin and if we have to much mods i will give u jr mod and thats all bye hope u join have a nice day u all

    • looking for staff and players for my new server its still in development tho so i need builders and staff and admins mods and maybe a co owner if u r interested email me at ZackAttack189@hotmail.comĀ  or i will be on my server during weekends maybe most days and going to be on school days to check on it at 4:00pm thro 7:30pm the server is called Godcraft234 pls join and if im on when u join i will let u have ur own nametag or nick so pls join and if u like it make a ad pls. whoever makes the most ads will get co-owner and a top player rank and the 2nd one will get admin with the rank Best player so pls join tysm.

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