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  2. Appeal accepted. Here's a few recommendations: 1. Read and follow the rules @ warzone.network/rules 2. Maintain a peaceful and respectful attitude while playing and while chatting on the Discord server. 3. Avoid toxic comments and statements. 4. Do not harass or bother staff members with unnecessary requests or suggestions. This is a second chance. However, it does not mean you're immediately cleared from all past punishments, regardless of when they were issued. If you step over the line again, new punishments will not be forgiving. Enjoy your time on Warzone.
  3. Username: Bearty What punishment did you receive: Permanent ban Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: So I have been kind of hidden for weeks and haven't said anything since my last appeal. I have been banned for almost 9 months now and would really like to play on the server again. I think I have learned my lesson, and am still working on not getting as mad so easily, but that will come with time, and I have gotten better with that. I am sorry to the staff for all of the time I have wasted with my appeals, and all of the things I have said to you. I really
  4. Hi there MiniRascal, I do believe that 11 months is sufficient, and you have learnt your lesson. I will unmute you but please be sure never to repeat your behavior from before. Kind regards
  5. Username: MiniRascal What punishment did you receive: Permenant mute Was the punishment fair: I’m guessing I threatened to kill someone or something Why should you be unpunished: Basically, I don’t know what happened but on 2020/04/07 I was permenantly muted for “Death threats”. I don’t know who I threatened or how I threatened them, but whatever I did I’m sorry for and I’d like to be unmuted. I think 11 months was enough time for me to learn my lesson. What were the events that led to your punishment: I don’t know but I’m guessing a lot of threats and bad stuff? Addit
  6. Given circumstances, this has been handled internally. Report closed
  7. Player is permanently banned, but thanks for the report!
  8. I’m not very good at drag clicking but I think I got around 25 or something at that time. I don’t really remember much back then cause it’s a really long time ago.
  9. How fast do you drag click?
  10. In the first clip I was jitter clicking around 9-11 cps. For the second clip I was actually drag clicking. Also at the time of the second clip you can see that I’m wearing no armour and that indicates that I’m not playing seriously and just messing around cause at that time the server was dead so we’d all just mess around and stuff. but I’ve never installed any autoclicker to use as an advantage against other players.
  11. You didn't respond to this question. I am confused as to which of the three "lock-ons" you believe are Aim Assist, which I believe is important information for us to be on the same page about. Therefore, due to your most current response, I am going to make an assumption that my flick onto Residents the second time is where you believe I used Aim Assist, or at the very least, where you believe my usage of Aim Assist is most suspicious. Again, my priority was my teammate, and so even if I was aware of Resident's approaching presence way ahead of the head snap, my ultimate goal was to ki
  12. Manually aiming your mouse in the direction of the player is enough instigation for your crosshair to lock into them while using an aimbot. FOV based does not mean he has to be within your FOV. The auditory cues that gave away Residents' position was way ahead of the head snap. You either did not react immediately or you did not react at all. This is all the more reason why you shouldn't have flicked direct at residents, flick off, then flick back again. Aim modifications do not ignore manual input. Turning your aim away is enough to flick onto another player.
  13. My teammate was actually my top priority in my cognition. I am the type of Warzone player that does not mind getting killed if it means winning us the game, or even just putting a teammate with a better chance of winning the game in a better position. That is my stigma, and that is generally how I attempt to play the game. The only reason I aimed in Resident's direction seems to be out of pure coincidence; I aimed at a location where I predicted an enemy player would most likely show up to provide reinforcement, and Residents happened to be at that location. Or, perhaps I did in-fact hear Resi
  14. FOV Aim assist works based on focusing on players that are within a target FOV, basically closer to the center of your screen. If you did in fact aim to the side with no players being there, the fact that you flicked on to an enemy player than off again is more indicative of a modification than it is of legitimate behavior. Pre aiming where an enemy is is perfectly fine behavior, however flicking off almost immediately then to a teammate again is a prime indicator of a modification. You did not react to Residents being in the front and center of your screen, in your crosshair. Instead
  15. I have no idea how "FOV aim assist" works, so it is hard for me to make my case if that is specifically what you are accusing me of. Could you please explain to me how exactly FOV aim assist works, as I do believe it would help us get onto the same page. I would like to point out however: You say that I flicked in the exact direction of red team's spawn, but on Warzone (at least, during this time), only one of the "spawn houses" (not sure what else to call them) are used, as oppose to Stratus, which uses both. On Warzone, the spawn house is always the left-most one whilst f
  16. Aim assist/aimbot does not work solely on distance. You flicked onto your teammate, not the enemy during one of the flicks. The way in which your head moved between the players is indicative of an FOV based aimlock. No. Most of your arguments are based on incorrect assumptions of how an aimbot works. Therefore, I cannot acknowledge that you have discredited this clip.
  17. User Name - nagol1999 Offense - Racial Discrimination Evidence -
  18. Mr. Sqyid, I would like to thank you for your speedy response to my ban appeal. You have no idea how much that means to me, as it would have tore me up inside to have to wait an entire month like one of my close friends had to do in order to finally get a response. With you handling the appeal, I feel reassured that the appeal process will be handled quickly and efficiently, and that I will have enough time to prepare for and participate in the tournament. With that said, I have a few comments in regards to the clips you have shown me. Clip #1: As you have stated, this clip is v
  19. Hey. I wouldn't recommend ever joining on a mcleaks account. As you found out the hard way, it'll typically link you to other accounts people used to hack, ending up with you being falsely punished. Appeal accepted. This thread will stay open for 24 hours, in case you have any questions or anything else to add.
  20. You were banned for using modifications in order to click faster with your right mouse button. The first clip is less convicting, however it displays a certain phenomenon that often happens with players that use such modifications. You received unexpected knockback, in the form of me shooting you, then proceed to place blocks at an extremely fast rate. Although the speed is hard to determine, it can be estimated to be above 15 cps. Escalating to that speed is extremely suspicious within a short time frame, however it can be assumed that you started clicking at that speed prior to the rapid blo
  21. The first clip demonstrates unusual aiming behavior. The first flick towards an enemy player and flick back can simply be regarded to as a failed attempt to hit them, and while a bit suspicious, it does not hold and cannot be used standalone. However, during the second fight, there are multiple strange occurrences in your aim, resulting in a ~180 flick whilst aiming upward. Once again, standalone this would not hold. It is however the second clip that is the most suspicious, and this alone would be enough to hold. When the player who's recording appears within a line of sight, you immediately
  22. Hi, Thanks for your report, Player has already been dealt with, Kind regards,
  23. This player was not already banned, They have now been dealt with. Thanks for your report.
  24. Thanks for your report, the player has been dealt with.
  25. User Name - iLeo7 Offense - Racism Evidence -
  26. User Name - CDottee Offense - Fly Evidence -

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