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Competitive team-based Minecraft PvP server.

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  2. Thank you so much The thing is that my brother doesn't actually play mc much at all anymore so he doesn't care about Warzone or Minehut.
  3. Hey. Although there's really no good way to prove if you have a brother or not, I feel like I've dug far enough into the Minehut discord that I have proof. It's been 5 months since you were banned - even if you're not who you say you are, I'm justifying those past months as enough time for the ban. I will be unbanning this account, while the account Hypn0T1ze will remain banned. Just be aware that if you do join on any alts, those could also link up to your brother's account. I highly recommend getting him to appeal, that'll solve any issue that might arise in the future. Appeal accepted. Have a great day! This appeal will stay open for 24 hours, in case you have any questions or anything else to add.
  4. brother's account name is 'Hypn0T1ze' forgot to include this eek
  5. Username: Migins (banned with account name 'Migqy', recently changed) What punishment did you receive: Ip-ban Was the punishment fair: no. My brother hacked on a different account but we have the same ip Why should you be unpunished: I was told that you guys don't do ip bans anymore and I should appeal What were the events that led to your punishment: I literally joined warzone
  6. Username: Michealbomber100 Offenses: Racism & Inappropriate Behavior Evidence:
  7. Username: seraphlamington Offense: Excessive Capitalization & Chat Flood Evidence:
  8. Username: L2Y7D Offenses: Excessive Capitalization & Chat Flood Evidence:
  9. Usernames: TacoTM, Naojo, DJP_2005 Offenses: TacosTM - Sending an IP grabber in chat & Spamming. Naojo - Disrespect & Chat Flood DJP_2005 - Disrespect Evidence:
  10. Jeez, lifes tough (just a comment to show staff a staff member didnt answer)
  11. Thanks for the report!
  12. Username: L2Y7D Offenses: Excessive Capitalization & Chat Flood Evidence:
  13. Username: RefineAlt30 Offense: Aimbot and reach Evidence: skip to 0:45
  14. Username:MCPodcasts What punishment did you receive:Permanent banned Was the punishment fair:Yes Why should you be unpunished:I no longer hack and would just like to play on the server again. What were the events that led to your punishment:I hacked a long time ago. I was using multiple hacks including bow aimbot on the crystal damage game. It's been a long time I don't remember the name.
  15. taken from https://warzone.network/rules > The use of excessive capitalization, flooding chat with characters, and spamming are all punishable offenses. frote flooded the chat with characters. don't really think it matters if others weren't bothered, if he isn't punished it would make people think that breaking those rules is completely fine, which would result in an increase of rule breakers
  16. That's not even chat flood and no one seemed bothered by it
  17. Username: Diammonnd Offense: Toxicity & Excessive Capitalisation Evidence:
  18. Username: Frote Offenses: Chat Flood & Excessive Capitalisation Evidence:
  19. Oh yes, also, would like to put a video MWQ made on me a while back....
  20. User Name - Zynf Offense - ka or aim assist Evidence - My Video.mp4
  21. Okay, so im basically copying and pasting my other appeals into this appeal, because the last one was never answered.... So here we go! Username: ItsBearty What punishment did you receive: Ban evassion Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: okay, so i should have enough proof to try and prove to you that this was NOT me. so basically, me and my friend share my known alt, known as diamondisrabbid.... I dont actually even have 100% access to the account. So he was going to play warzone one day because he was bored, and saw that the alt was banned for ban evasion. After that, he tried a DIFFERENT ALT. I dont really remember the alts name, but that was him... He then was banned for ban evasion. I actually have pictures of both of our alt lists, and the dm he sent me after he logged onto the alt that he was trying to play on. So because he got on diamondisrabbid, you thought i was ban evading, but that wasnt the case. Also, because he was on the alt, and logged onto HIS PERSONAL ALT, the ip's tied together and you thought i was him, making his alt get banned and making it look like i was him. What were the events that led to your punishment: Casual logged on and was banned on both accounts. Hacking Appeal:
  22. Username: Funnydog890 What punishment I received: permaban for xray and killaura Was the punishment fair: No Why I should be unpunished: I never had killaura and there is no evidence of it, and as for the xray, I didn't have it either and I feel that I sufficiently disproved it in the previous thread, yet I was still banned. regardless of whether or not you believe me, It has been three months which I think is sufficient as a punishment (even though the punishment was unjust). What were the events that led to your punishment: You can go check the previous thread, but I was essentially mining for diamonds in a "suspicious" pattern (I mean I'm not gonna strip mine when the void was 10 blocks away) and I supposedly had killaura, even though the linked clip did not look remotely like that. Even the mod admits it was poor evidence. Additional Comments: none.

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