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  2. any staff reading this, I changed my in game name to levees
  3. In spectator mode, you get fly.
  4. Lol how were you flying first lmfao
  5. Dear staff members, Please read the information below. Username: Keenu What punishment did you receive: A Permanent ban for cheating. Was the punishment fair: Yes Why should you be unpunished: I have taken all my hacked clients and cheats out of my files and I have removed them. I am truly sorry for ruining player's experience by cheating. I know I shouldn't of done this and so I am very sorry. I think I deserve another chance because, I have removed every cheat and I'm truly sorry for my actions. Please forgive me, Keenu. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was flying and cheating. This ruined other player's experience and I'm sorry for that. Additional comments: I am truly sorry for what I have done. Should of thought first
  6. Can I see the evidence please? If the recording does show that I was somehow hacking may I have the ban shortend?
  7. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. I reviewed my recorded evidence and there have been at least 2 fights where you took no knockback at all, not even delayed knockback and also 2 other fights where it looked like you were using Kill Aura. If I saw those recordings for the first time today, though, I wouldn't be 100% sure if it was actual hacking, since the Warzone PvP mechanics seem to allow for no knockback to happen randomly to anyone. That fact, combined with the lag you talked about (I think you were getting 3 out of 5 bars on the tablist), could explain those sketchy fights. However, if I also take into account that you ban evaded shortly after getting banned, I'll have to deny your appeal. Instead of ban evading and trying to "explain" why you were banned, you should've went to appeal directly. Ban evading is strictly prohibited. I recommend you appeal again in the future. If you manage to write a good appeal, I'll think about accepting your appeal. You can appeal again in 2 weeks. Sorry for the long waiting time. I'll leave this appeal open for another 24 hours, in case you'd like to respond.
  8. Sorry for the late response! The second screenshot is the same as the one above, it only counts as stat abuse if they rejoined.
  9. Username: Aethestic What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: No What were the events that led to your punishment: If the quality of the vid is bad, basically all I just did was use a mod that modifies (ONLY) my fly speed. I got banned using pvplounge client, a client where you can't inject hacks into it. Dumb act that got me banned, I know, just wanted to test if it can really modify my fly speed, and it didn't give me any advantages against other players. Why should you be unpunished: I never hacked on warzone before, this is my first ban and like I said it was just a mistake that wasn't a disadvantage to other players. I think it's really up to you if I deserve to be unpunished. Additional comments: If you do not want to straight out unban me, it's okay. (what I did was kinda stupid). All I'm asking for is a shorter ban if you can give it to me.
  10. Username: jaredfice What punishment did you receive: Fly Hacks Was the punishment fair: Yes, I agree that this was a fair punishment. Why should you be unpunished: Because I believed that I have learnt my lesson and I will never use my hacks on any server ever again. I am sorry for the hacks and I will never hack again What were the events that led to your punishment: I joined the server and used Fly Hacks and got banned. I regret ever using hacks and apologize to any user effected by my hacks. Additional comments: /NONE\
  11. ok then why was this accepted https://forums.minehut.com/topic/6552-itzbroccoli-stat-abuse/
  12. Out of those 3 accounts, ChewyMcChew was the only account to have joined Warzone. ChewyMcChew does not match Kr0nix's IP, whereas your account does. Your argument is that your friend was playing on Kr0nix when the account was banned; all evidence provided so far proves against that. Due to this, I will be denying your appeal. Unless you have anything else to add, I will be locking this thread after 24 hours.
  13. His main? TBH he played on a few and he kind of switched mains, but here are the ones he played on, "AstroidPvP," which I just found out he changed the name on that account to, "JoesterzMC." He also had another account he might of played on but I have some doubts because it was mostly his alt named, "AstroMAMAMA." Finally he had an account named "ChewyMcChew." I just want to tell you I really appreciate you aren't just closing this. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!
  14. Sorry but this evidence wouldn't be enough to punish this player, If you have another screenshot of them rejoining within 5 minutes please tell me / other staff members. It might've been the case that he actually had to leave we wouldn't be able to know. Ill leave this post open for 24 more hours if you want to add something.
  15. Appeal denied. The evidence you provided was only a single message of excessive caps, and this user also has no prior punishment history.
  16. What's the ign of your friend's account?
  17. Thanks for the response but is there anything I can do to prove it? I don't really talk to the friend anymore but I know he bought the account for like 10$ from someone else. I have no bad intentions for the server considering I basically have a clean record. I guess this is one of those "this story is impossible to believe" which honestly sounds like that to me because if I was you I want believe me either haha, Then to be honest I don't know how Kr0nix's IP matched mine. I mean I live in the same area as my friend but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Anyways thanks for the response now I need to get a VPN, just kidding haha. Have a good one.
  18. Username: kniferx Offense: Excessive Capitalization Evidence:
  19. Username: IfSheIs18Im18 Offense: Stat Abuse Evidence:
  20. The account Kr0nix never joined Warzone before Sept 4th (the day the account was banned). Meaning that you would have never had the opportunity to have joined on Kr0nix beforehand. Which also means that you would've logged into Warzone as Title_Wave on the same ip as Kr0nix did (or else we wouldn't be having this conversation). It's looking less and less likely that Kr0nix is the alt you and your friend share.
  21. Hello, sorry for the late response as well because I have been waiting quite some time now, but anyways Kr0nix was my freind's alt, and basically I think what happened is that I have joined Minehut with that account before by accident because I use that account to play Hypixel. The account was banned while my friend was playing it, and quite a while after I started to play Warzone regularly, and while I was playing one time I was banned for "Ban Evasion." Obviously this story sounds complicated and BS but I don't really know what to do because it's true XD.
  22. Username: UwUnicode What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: Maybe a ban that isn't permanent? What were the events that led to your punishment: I had ~800 ping around the time of being banned. (Not sure if you can check that) and it was the second time this has happened. Additional comments: I understand that this has happened twice already and it showed me taking no knockback, so that's why I'm not just asking for an unban. Can by ban be shortened? Or maybe slightly less than pennant? I have gotten better WiFI since the ban.
  23. Usernames: minecraft_dean & FlowerBoy2016 Offenses: minecrafter_dean (Toxicity), FlowerBoy2016 (Excessive Capitalization) Evidence:
  24. Username: NKplayz What punishment did you receive: Hacking. I think it meant Killaura (permanent ban) Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: I wasn't hacking I was on a client called Badlion Client it does not have any mods that give you unfair advantages im pretty sure that my ban was caused by my ping, normally when I go on servers with high ping I sometimes get banned. The mods i had enabled when I got banned was Old animations mod, Transparent chat, Coordinates mod, Enchant glint (shows the shiny thing when something is enchanted), FPS HUD, Full bright. 360 perspective mod and autosprint. What were the events that led to your punishment: I think it was my ping that caused my ban it was around 250-300 Additional comments: I was banned on another account (IGN: adamsucksatpvp) because when I got banned i tried to get another account to log on to talk to the staff member why I got banned for but I linked my account to discord and one person recognised me, the mod changed my ban reason to "Ban Evasion". Im not sure if the server had an anticheat but when i was fighting staff i did get some sketchy hits but I think it was my ping that caused it.
  25. Username: Title_Wave What punishment did you receive: "Ban Evasion" Was the punishment fair: In my opinion, yes. Why should you be unpunished: My ban is kind of a huge misunderstanding. One of my IRL friends thought it would be fun to hack on Warzone with his alt account because he was bored, and of course he got banned, he was obviously hacking(with the account Kr0nix). Also, my friend let's me use his alt to play on Hypixel(for other reasons), and obviously I have clicked on the wrong server before because Minehut is right next to Hypixel in my server list, or sometimes I just don't know what account i'm on. This is why the account matches my IP. What I am mostly irritated of is the fact that I have been playing for the past week and achieved level 20 and it's now that they ban me. This story probably sounds like BS to you but if you want me to prove it's his account I might be able to do that, idk, all that I know is that I wasn't the one hacking and I have never hacked before on Warzone. What were the events that led to your punishment: accidentally logging into Minehut with the wrong account. Big mistake. Additional comments: Clearly I mean no harm to your server, I have never hacked ever on it and this is just kind of a big misunderstanding. I also know that stories like this always sound fake but this is unfortunately real, and I hope I can prove it to you guys. Anyways thank you for reading this.

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