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This is a club for HuntDragon.minehut.gg which is a Dragon Hunter Society MC server

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  2. 6/26/2019 Twitter update from Minehut our server hosts said "Today 8pm-10pm PDT we’ll be doing some backend maintenance. The web panel will work, but servers will be offline for the duration of the maintenance. When is that for me? http://bit.ly/mhmaint2 "
  3. We are working on your issue and is being looked at by our staff. More updates will be posted as we get close to resolving the issue. Do not post your Issues here open a new post and please follow the example here How to report an Issue otherwise your issue might be missed.
  4. This is a list for mods to post any players who are punished and why so that players know they have to serve out there sentence if not perm banned. Perm bans are for offenders we classified as instant bans or players who have done too many minor offenses to were they seem to not be learning or obeying the rules. Example: In game name: Reason: <the more details the better> punishment/Length: <kick, temp/perm ban, mute, jail> <length in seconds, minutes, days or perm> Screenshots: if you have one to post (there undisputable)
  5. You can read all rules via the in game command /rules if you wanted to Please be respectful of server admins and all other players. Punishable offenses: * Cheating & Griefing of any kind is a no warning ban. * Killing a player or staff is an on the spot ban. All other minor offenses will be met with jail time of 60s per offense. Jail time may include but not limited to the following: * Arguing with a server admin. * Being in/on a land claim that is not yours. * Harassment of and stalking player/server admin. * Placing traps such as lava, fire, mob, water, dug and other traps near anyone player or server admin. * Traps are only allowed within your claim. Land claim protections and homes/bases: * If you wish to use claim protections on your land ask a server admin to set that up for you. * If you don't wish to use our land protections and your things get stolen, lost, or otherwise destroyed we will not be replacing them. ** Griefing is still punished even if unprotected. * Must settle more than 300 blocks from another player. * If you leave the server for longer then 10 days without warning your claims will be removed please let a server admin know if you plan to be away for 10 or more days. Reporting an issue: * If you have an issue please let server admin know the issue and we will be able to help as soon as possible. * you can also use our club page to report an issue * Please note the RL time and day when the issue happened. * If a player is an issue please give the correct spelling of there username & what happened.
  6. How to report an issue make a new post with the following Example: MC Username: <your ingame name> The issue: <the more detail you can provide the better> Time of issue: <your Time/ your Time zone, UTC, or GMT/your country> Date of issue : <day/month/year> *Any screenshots you may have (optional)
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    • I want to add WorldGuard to my Minehut server except whenever I search WorldGuard in the Add-Ons tab nothing shows up. In the tutorials they can find WorldGuard easily but I cannot find it. If anyone knows where to find a WorldGuard that's compatible with Minehut please tell me.

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    • i tried to place a command block and they wont place anymore im in creative please help, and it wont let me edit them anymore


      Edited by Alexchavo
    • My world guard just doesnt work i cant use the commands like /rg if someone can help please help me


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