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To the official tower defense Minehut Club. We're super excited to have you on-board our club! We're a group of passionate people. We skript, laugh, build & communicate. Join today and join the fun!

We've a help page & wiki page for all your questions that requires an answer.


GAMES? What, where, how?

We're proud of the progression we have and are willing to share it with YOU! It's very simple. We've two games, one of them is in heavy progress and our other game, Tower Defense. You can't join it at the moment, It's closed due to maintenance. We're working hard on completing Tower Defense. It's going to be intense & fun.

Towerdf.Minehut.gg (IN-PROGRESS)


Fell in love with our games? Then why not show some contribution & apply for staff. You can apply for staff Here. If you've any questions, feel free to post them in the "Help" section.

- Admin Team

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