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PithonPvP is a custom minehut pvp server!

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  2. Calpp_


    i got banned for blacklisted modification but i didn't nothing wrong
  3. look i miss playing on your server but its whitelisted for "new season" for almost 9 months whats going on???
  4. u dummy the white listed the server for the new season
  5. I got false banned for hitting players through blocks i have no idea how they came to this conclusion because i was fighting a player away form any blocks and there is no proof aside form someone saying blu3bliz hack after a w tap combo of the map Im so confused?
  6. i try to join ur server but it says that i am not whitelisted IGN: KOrvenOLL
  7. I'll inform staff. Here's a new link: https://discord.gg/m3TW8gDF
  8. So I need help joining the discord server , the link hasn't been updated and it's currently expired , please make some actions about it, thank you
  9. Scotty what is your IGN? (if you are still banned.) I am able to unban you from the server.
  10. hello could use some help.. i asked a staff to ban me from the server as a joke for one minute.. thing is that was two hours ago and i am still banned.. can i get an unban please?
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    • So, I have been trying to create a script for a mini-game, which requires a changing world border. My issue is, I can't find a way to set the world border in my mini-game world using skript. Anytime I try making it execute the default border command, it sets it in my server's main world (world). Is it even possible to do this? If so, please help me out!

    • HI im Zack i am a nice dev and very calm and chill i dont ban or kick without a good reason my own server (which need players and staff look at my other posts) Its called Godcraft234 im hoping i can get enough credits to make it online 24/7 but anyway im good at commands i know a little abt building but i am a chill person i am a fast truster so if u r very nice or cool at anything i trust u i might even make u co owner u never know lol. And my server is still in development so if u have any suggestions pls feel free to tell me when im online which is on school days 4:00pm to 7:30pm and on weekends i always check on my server to make sure theres no abusing staff but as i said im looking for staff and co owner and a builder and a mod and admin and if we have to much mods i will give u jr mod and thats all bye hope u join have a nice day u all

    • looking for staff and players for my new server its still in development tho so i need builders and staff and admins mods and maybe a co owner if u r interested email me at ZackAttack189@hotmail.comĀ  or i will be on my server during weekends maybe most days and going to be on school days to check on it at 4:00pm thro 7:30pm the server is called Godcraft234 pls join and if im on when u join i will let u have ur own nametag or nick so pls join and if u like it make a ad pls. whoever makes the most ads will get co-owner and a top player rank and the 2nd one will get admin with the rank Best player so pls join tysm.

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