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Official club for the upcoming Minehut player server Deny!

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  2. Hello! We thank you for your time and consideration to apply to the Deny staff team. Before you proceed with your application, please read the following. Expectations -Must have Moderation experience. -Must have a microphone. -Must be 13 years or older to apply. -Must not have a major punishment history on either Deny or Minehut. -Must be somewhat mature. -If you are caught lying in your application, you may be denied from future applications. -Must have at least 250 words in your application. -Don't complain about your results. -Don't have an
  3. When appealing an active punishment, you must have the following. Minecraft Username: Type of punishment (Mute/Ban): Punishment Reason: Was your punishment fair? (If it was unfair, please include any sort of evidence and tell us why it was not fair and why we should unpunish you): Note: Please do not ask staff to review your appeal. If you ask staff to review an appeal you will get automatically denied. If your appeal gets denied, you may reappeal in 5 days.
  4. When reporting a user, please include the following. Player's IGN: Reason: Evidence:

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