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LMAOWY "Highly" Custom 1.14+ Survival


What is LMAOWY???:

      LMAOWY is a fully custom survival server made originally for a friend but ended up making it a public service to show it off to the public.
The server features RPG like aspect as well as survival-based needs such as dirty water and skills (EX: Sword Mastery Skill: execution gain the chance to gain strength when fighting mobs)

Why is club so ded???:

     The club won't be nearly as up to date as the discord is, however, I will still post server updates to it so people without discord can still be notified and not worry if they lost something.

What do you mean??? "lost something":

     Along with "lost something" I decided that whenever I do a major update I will reset that system such as skills If I am to update skills majorly then a 95% chance I will reset all player skills 30% of the time I will do an exp boost for a day




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