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DarkSpire is an upcoming Minehut RPG server inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy and Etrian Odyssey.

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  2. hello all the dedicated fans to the amazing server darskpire, i am just make announcement that i've been helping a friend with a server for awhile so I haven't been able to work on darkspire, once that's done he'll help me finish things up with tebbi and then it should be ready. my estimate is around february for release, and then consistent updates every few weeks
  3. we planned out a new combat system and tebbis finally making it so expect this to release soon
  4. tebbi's in japan for a few weeks so that's kind of halting him making the finishing touches pls dont forget about this its still coming
  5. hey by the way the server's not dead I'm just working on a different project for now and I'll probably start work again (and hopefully release since it's super close to release) in a few weeks
  6. and you can see, the dev team have their map coming a long really nicely for the insightful rpg in the works right now!
  7. As you can tell, the darkspire development team are very hard at work
  8. this is really cool wonder who built it
  9. get it because they have to go there to progress the story simple minded fools simply will not get this joke
  10. Intrigued by the dungeons? Well here's a quick backstory on the first one! Hell's Pit is a gaping hole in the mountains that overlook Nikeah Valley. Going inside the demonic hole used to be thought to bring you to actual Hell, but a month ago, a group of miners, lead by a charismatic captain, decided to disprove that. They dug under the hole, and uncovered massive caves of lava. Shortly after unmasking the cave systems, a malevolent aura filled the entire team. They soon found massive skeletons of long dead, hellish monsters. They had seemed to find the hole that originally lead in to the cave, and inside was a long dead adventurer, impaled by spikes, and many dead demons. The crew decided to brave it through, and began mining, in search for more of these skeletons, to study them for the sake of humanity. During the expedition, many miners seemed to go missing. After three days, the captain ordered everyone to evacuate the caves, as he was too worried that all his crew would die. Some of them attempted to dig out, yet failed. They had to progress slowly through. After one day, they had found what they were looking for... A hole leading even deeper under ground, perhaps this could be Hell, the captain thought. Feeling determined, the captain ordered his entire crew to dig out of the caverns immediately. Before long, a hellish demon emerged from the hole, and single handedly impaled the captain all of his crew with spikes coming out of the ground. The miners had taken too long to return, so the citizens of Nikeah worried, and so, they entrusted their most proud, strong, yet arrogant swordsman to investigate the pit. Will you go? Or will you explore the rest of the valley, until you have to go due to required progression?
  11. Welcome to DarkSpire, a Minehut RPG server run by X_FurryFartFan_X (no im not a furry) and Tebbi. In this club, I'll be sharing updates and doing community things. If you would like to discuss anything or if you have questions, consider joining the discord server with a much more detailed description of the server. In short, DarkSpire is a classic style RPG, with extensive dungeons and thrilling combat, all with a decent story to tie it together. A unique Artifacts system in place, which give you great bonuses in your adventure. Artifacts are designed to be like Metroidvania accessories, but the majority of them will be optional. Artifacts provide access to new areas, like caves with chests, shortcuts through dungeons, and in the case of the climbing claws, the entire mountain range of Coltz. We plan to extend artifacts even further, to where you'll need multiple to accomplish certain tasks, such as melting ice from the Frozen Mirror with a fire artifact, then using the clouds it creates to walk on with the Hermes' Boots. If you would like to hear the backstory of the first dungeon, refer to the Hell's Pit post. Well, that's all there is to share right now. I'll leave updates here in Announcements if anything major is added, but currently, the server is VERY close to release.

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