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  2. Hey everyone! Downtime has now ended! Thanks to everyone for being patient with us while we took some time to adjust some things within the server. We're aware that this season started off pretty rocky, but our plan is to ride out the rest of the season and send payouts once it's over. There will be a 1-2 week grace period in between seasons for proper testing to be done to ensure the economy can be pretty balanced. NEW - Added Fuel Bundles (Boss Well - MYTHIC) - Added the AdParty feature (rewards all online player's with a mask bundle & 5 AdPoints) PATCHES - Fixed cores being able to be placed outside plots - Fixed players not being able to break ender chests - Boss Blocks are now accessible in crates and bundles - Rank vouchers now give a boosted multiplier & additional gen/core slots - Temporarily removed /tokenflip SEASON NEWS This season will end on JULY 9TH. We've almost reached our payment goal! We're nearly 3/4 of the way there. If we reach it, the following payouts will be awarded. Seasonal $40.00 PayPal or $50.00 Buycraft Credit - #1 Level Top Seasonal $30.00 PayPal or $40.00 Buycraft Credit - #1 Balance Top Thanks to everyone for their patience and help over our release period, its greatly appreciated.
  3. Earns Appeals Format If you've been punished on the Earns server and you feel it was unjust, then you may appeal it if is longer than 48 hours. If your punishment is shorter than this then the likely hood of acceptance is extremely low. Please copy the below format into a new thread under "Reports & Appeals" which can be located at the top of this club. Format: Title: Appeal - YOUR IGN What your Minecraft IGN? What is your punishment type? (mute, ban etc.) Why were you punished? Why do you feel your punishment should be revoked? We aim to respond to all appeals within 24 hours, if it takes longer than this then please create a ticket within our discord with a link to your appeal. Note: You cannot appeal a blacklist as this is a permanent suspension on all platforms which will remain for the foreseeable. Earns Report Format If you've noticed a player breaking one of our rules and you feel they need to be punished, then please gather evidence and file a report against them. Please copy the below format into a new thread under "Reports & Appeals" which can be located at the top of this club. Format: Title: Report - THEIR IGN What your Minecraft IGN? What is their Minecraft IGN? What rule have they broken? Evidence: We aim to respond to all reports within 24 hours, if it takes longer than this then please create a ticket within our discord with a link to your report. There are a set number of staff members that can respond to reports & appeals and therefore you should not message or constantly ask for your appeal to be reviewed, this will result in an instant denial and possible further punishment!
  4. Earns Application Format Thank you for showing interest in becoming staff on Earns. This post will guide you through the format that you must fill out in order to be considered for a staff position, as well as go over some basic information that you should know before applying. General Criteria: Above the age of 15. General experience with chat moderation. Be in our Discord server. Have no major punishments within the past month of applying. Be active within our community (in game and on Discord.) If you believe you meet the above criteria, great! This application is split into 3 sections, general, background and scenario. The general section goes into a bit about you and gives us a general idea of who you are, the background section goes into your experience as a Moderator, past experience and your motivation for wanting to become staff on Earns. Finally, the scenario section goes over basic moderation scenarios that you may encounter as a staff member. Now you're ready to complete an application using the following format: General Preferred Name Preferred Pronouns Age Minecraft Username Discord Name (i.e muel#0001) Background What is your main motivation for wanting to join the staff team? What sets you apart from other applicants? Have you ever been staff on another server? If so, what were your main responsibilities? What are some of your greatest accomplishments outside of Minecraft? What do you typically do with your free time? Are you multilingual? (Fluent, not learning.) What are your strengths and weaknesses? Have you ever received a punishment on a server? If so, how have you grown from that? Scenario/Questions Please explain a situation where you have shown leadership. You get a report of a user abusing a glitch to get an unfair advantage, what do you do? What would you do if multiple accounts started spamming the chat, but you were the only online staff member? You get reports of a plot having NSFW builds on it, what would you do? You notice another staff member is abusing their permissions, what would you do? How would you make a support ticket, and what would they be used for? Think you have what it takes to join the staff team? Please copy and paste the above format into a post here and complete it. You'll receive a response within a week, if you don't, please message muel#0001 on Discord.

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