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Guns is a minehut server that uses the plugins Crackshot and Skript for a custom and unique shooter experience. From the spawn lobby, you'll be able to fully customize 4 separate loadouts, selecting the guns that you've unlocked and switching between them easily. Deploy in to one of our rotating rounds, with intermissions and map-changes in between. Once you're in to the fight it's all about the kills! Enjoy fast-paced guns combat with over 60 custom items & weapons at your disposal. Get enough kills to rankup, and unlock more guns based on your rank- allowing for a fun and planned-out progression. Get to the top of the kill leaderboard by the end of the match, and you're the winner! You'll be able to see your own as well as others wins, rank, kills, and other information through our player stats feature. With constant updates introducing new features, maps, and weapons you'll be able to enjoy hours of fun in this server!

Important Links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/sr6AnJz
Server IP: guns.minehut.gg

Apply for Staff: https://forms.gle/9zihxhMFzqKNDEYj9

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